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New Premises

Finally, it's up and completed!

I can now unveil my new base for #mshholistictherapies

Same address, but now i have my own space away from the house. Fully insulated, more light and storage.

I had been quite on social media whilst this was happening as there was a lot to organise as now the kids have their own room. So happy kids, happy mum 🥰

I will be open right up to #Christmas and have plenty of #giftvouchers to purchase for you or your loved ones to give on this special day.

#reflexology #reflexologylymphaticdrainage








Bookings can be made online or fb @MSHHolisticTherapies

I am always pleased to see regular and new clients, I look forward to hearing from you soon 👣🙏🙌

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A Happier, Healthier New Year to you all. I hope to see old and new faces in 2023 for all your Holistic needs. Happy New Year Michelle 🙏🥂xxx

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